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Settling-in Programme (SIP) for Work Permit holders

Non-Malaysian Work Permit holders in the manufacturing sector and construction, marine shipyard and process sectors must attend the SIP to learn about their employment rights and other useful information.

At a glance

Who must attend

All non-Malaysian Work Permit holders who are:

  • Working in the manufacturing sector: First time working in Singapore.
  • Working in the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors: First time working in Singapore or returning workers holding an in-principle approval (IPA).
When to attend

Workers in the manufacturing sector and female CMP workers: Within 2 weeks of migrant worker's arrival in Singapore. 

Male CMP workers: At the Onboard centre upon arrival.

Where to attend

Workers in the manufacturing sector and female CMP workers: MWC Recreation Club @ Soon Lee

Male CMP workers: Onboard Centre

Duration 1 day.
Is it mandatory Yes. Migrant workers must attend SIP before Work Permit can be issued.

Register at MWC website if your workers meet any of the following:

  • In manufacturing sector
  • Female CMP workers

Register for the residential onboarding programme if your workers are male CMP workers.


Conducted in worker's native language:

  • English
  • Bengali
  • Burmese
  • Mandarin
  • Tamil
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
Documents required

Your worker must bring the following documents to the SIP class:

  • IPA letter – full set, employee's copy
  • Worker's passport

What is it

The SIP is a 1-day orientation programme to educate migrant workers on Singapore's social norms, their employment rights and responsibilities, Singapore laws and where and how to seek assistance.

The topics include:

  • Introduction to Singapore
  • Local practices and social norms
  • Employment laws
  • Employment rights
  • Working safely and Work Injury Compensation Act
  • Key laws
  • Mobile application orientation
  • Remittance and unlicensed money lenders
  • Primary Care Plan and Medical Centres for Migrant Workers
  • Preventive health and living safely tips
  • Mental health
  • Recreation centres in Singapore